Bittersweet Struggles

Coming home to prepare for her mother’s funeral, gives Morgan anxiety just thinking about it. Her family dynamic has always been destructive and no matter what the season, an argument is inevitable because so much has gone unresolved.

For most of Morgan’s life, she’s been a victim. It’s a role she has embraced at an early age growing up in an abusive household filled with anger, recriminations, and harsh punishments. She has held firm to her victim hood through years of hard partying, and self-sabotage relationships with a series of men. Morgan will learn that her deceitful behavior will not only affect her but others around her.

As Morgan organizes her mother’s funeral, she finds herself confronting old relationships, hidden secrets, and deep rifts within her own family. Morgan is about to discover that even a victim’s actions have consequences and doing so might send her into a tailspin that she may never recover from.

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