Bittersweet Struggles

Coming home to prepare for her mother’s funeral, gives Morgan anxiety just thinking about it. Her family dynamic has always been destructive and no matter what the season, an argument is inevitable because so much has gone unresolved.

For most of Morgan’s life, she’s been a victim. It’s a role she has embraced at an early age growing up in an abusive household filled with anger, recriminations, and harsh punishments. She has held firm to her victim hood through years of hard partying, and self-sabotage relationships with a series of men. Morgan will learn that her deceitful behavior will not only affect her but others around her.

As Morgan organizes her mother’s funeral, she finds herself confronting old relationships, hidden secrets, and deep rifts within her own family. Morgan is about to discover that even a victim’s actions have consequences and doing so might send her into a tailspin that she may never recover from.

August 10, 2019
So enjoyed this book. I purchased a while ago but finally got a chance to read it. It did not disappoint. Great, 
relaxing read and kept me turning the pages. Hope a sequel is in the making.
 Great job Monika! I'll be on the look out for the next one. 😊

Bitter Sweet Struggles is a novel about the unexpected twists and turns of love. As Morgan comes home to prepare for her mother’s funeral, secrets are revealed that were almost taken to the grave. The author paints the picture of an unexpected journey, filled with thrill and suspense.
-Robin Leigh

Bittersweet Struggles was an entertaining, intriguing and insightful book for newcomer Monika Griffin.  The story is filled with lots of emotion that leaves the reader wanting more.

Morgan learned so much about herself that it will be interesting to see if she has more to tell. Overall, I enjoyed Morgan and her journey back home even though it wasn't under the best circumstances. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more from the author. 
-Dina Smith

Salute! Love to see people growing, making moves, and affecting positive change in their lives. Just had my copy delivered and I'll be cracking it open soon to get started! Thanks for blessing us Monika!
-Hassan Montgomery

I’m so excited!! You’re an awesome, smart, beautiful, person and I’m so proud of you! Bittersweet Struggles brings back a lot of happy memories. 
-Tamesa Griggs

Wonder Woman and Every Woman. 
-Wes Caldwell

So proud of my mom! This is one of the many reasons I look up to her.  She never stops following her dreams and goes above and beyond for what she wants in life.  She’s officially an author!  Congratulations Mommy, you deserve it!
 -Justine Cox

Bittersweet Struggles is an amazing book about a women returning home for her mother’s funeral and comes face to face with love, betrayal, resentment and forgiveness.  It is a book that gives the reader a key to unlock the door and catch a glimpse in to a family’s home that reveals secrets and unresolved issues.  The book is so genuine that it grabs the reader’s attention and the reader can’t let go.  A heartwarming book any reader can I identify with because there is always somewhere or someone, we leave a piece of our heart with, that we call home.
-Anitra Martinez

The book bittersweet struggle was very good and well written. It felt like a story that anyone could have gone through.  While reading the book you could feel the words playing in your mind and like an outer body experience. 
-Richard Vaughan

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