Poem by Maria Segure, MA- When Someone Loves Me

                                 Maria Segure, MA

The Basics:

Maria was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  She loves music and is a passionate foodie.  Maria has a master's in English and Creative Writing.   

Favorite color: Purple- Royalty, Passion and Commitment 

When Someone Loves Me

The way a flower blooms and leans
Ever so slightly to the sun
The way the grass glistens
Right after a rain has come
The stars that shine that we count
One by beautiful one
That's how I feel
When someone loves me
A deep August warm sunny afternoon
A vibrant and joyous party
In the heyday of June
That's how I feel
When someone loves me
You can see the glow of red
In my cheeks
Sometimes you may have to
Repeat yourself
Because I am so lost in thought
The music in my head
Flows through and I am caught up
I try to stay aware of my surroundings
My heart it drifts away
What can I do
What should I say
You ask me what's wrong
And I smile because
I am better than okay
This is who I am
And what my soul comprehends
When someone loves me

By: Maria Sugure 

Monika and Maria fun at work

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