D' Art of Seduction with Shahid on Production


D' Art of Seduction with Shahid on Production!

Let me be the first to say that I have found a dream team in music!  I'm sure you've heard this before and the album turns out to be a bust.  This is different, I promise you.  I went to a friend’s house to practice my interviewing skills as well as support him on an album he completed production on. At the most I thought we were going to have some laughs, some drinks and hear some good music but the night exceeded my expectations.  I’ve learned so much from Shahid aka (Shaligriabros) including how he got started with music, his producing style, how he choose the music for the album and his search for new artists.  I’ve also learned that I have an experienced ear which is how I caught the magical musical collaboration between Shahid and Dèja Destinèe.

D’Art of Seduction is a first for both artists. Her first album and his first time producing an album. Dèja’s sound and style vary from making you sway in your chair to doing the Wu walk and her rhythmic patterns flow openly only to grab you and bring you into her stories. The tightly constructed production layout combined with the powerful, sometimes tantalizing lyrics make this album a hit for me. Please make sure you cop this album, but after you listen to my interview with Shahid!


Please click on the links below to contact Shahid and Dèja.

Shahid- Shaligriabros

Dèja Destinèe

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